Ilyy, od, g2, throwcafe, SF and more


Ilyy e1ns 2009 prepro. Orange/black. 1 Mark from wedding ring. SOLD

G2 ti hawk. Never been sparked, has been heavily played. SOLD

G2 OG vintage elite. SOLD

Yyf pivot $15

Ynasi Scissortail. NMTBS. SOLD

Throwcafe cappuccino. NMTBS $45 shipped

SF cadence. Dinged. SOLD

OYY lust. Few small marks. $55 shipped

OD GZR cascade. Mint in box. $75 shipped

CLYW orca. Few small marks. $85 shipped

SF Bliss. Sanded rims $75 shipped

Smashing Spectacle. Wedding ring marks on rings. $75 shipped.

No trades.


BUMP! added more yoyos and a sweet mystery box!

({John15}) #3

That tihawk tho… :eyes:

(Victorian YoYos) #4





Ti Hawk sold!



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