FS: CLYW, G2, SPYY **Price Drop #2**

For sale only. please add 5$ for shipping in the US.

Row 1
CLYW Mint Yeti – Gray 75$ 65$ 55$

G2 – Mint TiHawk - Green/blue (Glitch) Torched by G2 Jake 200$

SPYY Mint Amplifier - Green/Yellow 120$ 110$ 90$

Row 2
CLYW Mint Dune - Desert Sand 75$ 65$

CLYW Mint Orca - Raspberry Sunset 110$ 100$ 95$

CLYW Mint Chief - Brussel Sprouts 150$ 140$ 120$

CLYW Mint Bonfire - Golden Hour 100$ 90$ 80$

SPYY Mint Orbitron 5000 - Blue 100$ 90$ 80$



Cool throws! How did you end up with two gold Big Bois??

What does the difference between SS elite and the normal elite

Stainless Steel (SS) Elite, the rings come in other variants.

Only comes brass or stainless steel.

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Also iridescent, Red vs. Blue Elite, and Black, Jake dropped an all black (Al7 I think) one. But those colored ones are SS, pretty sure.

So weight wise 2 options, SS or Brass.

Correct, the iridescent and black are stainless.

Isn’t brass heavier than stainless?

Affirm, the brass elites weigh a little more than the SS ones because brass weighs more than SS.

Up up and away!

PM’d, plus free bump

Up top, back at ya, around town.

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Up Up Up and away

What goes up, must come down

What’s a glitch? I’ve only seen that term used on G2 throws.

B-Grades, like Ond Drop NQP, or Amplified Outcasts. Etc etc.

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Yes, its what G2 Jake calls his ones that are not up to his standards and he has VERY high standards some of his glitches i have no idea why they are glitches lol.

Great guy, great throws, cares about his products, community and customers!


There is no need to fear… Underdog is here!

Up, Up, and away we go.

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