I'll just leave this here.......


gimme a hint, I don’t have a facebook account. :-\

I’d rather see a Septopus run, but more Skywalkers are welcome too.

DO THE CONTEST. Nuff said.

I’m assuming it’ll be a video contest so the people who’s gonna win the yoyo are the ones who can play and already have 1927490 yoyos in their collection and don’t need more yoyos anyway.

you honestly dont know VsNYYC then. of all of VsNYYCs contests, only one has been even yoyo related! We have had a Yodeling contest, a few acronym/initialism guessing contests, A random entry contest (as in random pictures or videos), and a dance contest, and plan to have many more random contests. We do it this way because I understand that yoyo contests for yoyos is one sided.

im not saying what this one is, but based on the companies contest history, i would say your comment doesnt have any real backing and was simply poor trolling.

thanks for being bad at trying to be a stick in the mud though! :smiley:

Is that you in your pic?

That’s a boss mustache!

I don’t have a facebook account so I might not be able to do this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I didn’t mean to be a grumpy old man, Heath.

I just see the trend on giveaway contests as such and it gives me little to no chance to even join because I’ll get stumped by everyone else…even if I practice for 5 or so years. And I’ll admit that I don’t know anything how vsNewton does their contests, so I just made sweeping generalizations and made myself sound like a total idiot.

But knowing the reasons why you’d rather do non-yoyo related contests makes sense. I feel like it’s more exciting than just watching a few dudes in front of cameras do the same tricks over and over again.

I didn’t mean to troll, I was just completely ignorant.
Anyway, I’d like to join in.

Would love another run of skywalkers.

I got to try Studio42’s skywalker yesterday and my mind was blown. It’s miles better than my Hatrick, Dietz, Code 2, anything I have tried. Perfectly made and I NEED to get my hands on one. I was going to get an AC, but after trying both, my heart is set on getting a Skywalker.

no sweat man. :slight_smile:

thanks man! that really means a lot