If you picked the throw for your favorite Pro

Ann Connolly - stargazer, just cause :wink:


I don’t get it. Is it some kind of “What’s your favorite player/ What’s your favorite yoyo” thread?

I think he means a yo-yo you think would fit your favorite player’s style, or something they would enjoy (other than his/her known signature, special edition, typical sponsored brand stuff). Hmmm…I’ll give it some thought.

Oh, okay ^^

Then I’ll go with a double Shinya Kido and Christopher Chia with the Draupnir.
No doubt if both of them were still YYR’s team members, they would rock it like none!

^ Not sure, but think that might be what he was thinking. I thought of one.

Andre Boulay…my favorite professional. He’s usually throwing a YYJ, his signatures, and he likes heavier throws. He says he enjoys the Chief, so I’m going to go with something safe…CLYW Chief. :slight_smile: I enjoy that one too. It will be a custom made YoyoExpert Edition. Oh, and Chiefs are out of stock. It would be awesome to have a YoyoExpert Edition Chief in the next run. I think I’d pass out. 8)

Jason Lee, in the drawing room, with a candlestick.

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