If you could turn a yoyo into wood...

If you could turn one yoyo from your collection or not into a fixed axle what would it be?

I would like my Chik! To be a wooden throw,

Puffin or quake

the air is now wood


Wood ≠ fixed axle

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Well, Wood is Good, but I’d rather be able to turn one (or two) into gold. :wink:

Chief for sure. Would be a very unique wooden throw if you could pull it off.

For better playability i’d choose my Triplet since it’s pretty heavy and wood is lighter.

I don’t want to change mine but I would love one of these


I haven’t throw wood for a long time…

LOL YYJ Bigyo. Let the fun begin :slight_smile:

Hmm, I wouldn’t mind a PURE Gold either…

A silver one would be nice.

As for a wooden yoyo-

A Turner would be interesting…


Mighty Flea

I have a desire to see a wood hitman myself. The shape in a nicely varnished finish would be elegant and downright sexy. :slight_smile:

anything with side effects, but keep the side effects metal. INSANE weight distribution :smiley:

Do I win now?

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think I got him beat man :wink:

I’m on mobile can’t see it, send me the pic on kik, if you’re zach

I gotta say a wooden chief would be insanely sick, I’d be willing to pay BIG for that.


Give me a YYF Monster, an X3 Seed, and a YYJ Diamondback