If you could get any yoyo what would it be

mine would be my genesis

Peak, or BvM, something from CLYW.

Most CLYWs.

Mostly Peak and Wolly.

the catch 22 just because it’s so expensive There woild be like no other chance

Grind machine 2 cause they’re awesome and I want another.

C22 and sell it for money…
then get a genesis and a couple x convicts and a bassalope

I would go for the $900 yoyo on yoyoguy! Just because its one of kind!

I would see why you want it but if its one of a kind i wouldn’t use it because i mean its one of a kind! I wouldn’t want to ruin the “one of a kind” yo-yo. I would get a expensive yet good yo-yo and sort of rare so you get that “dude!” expression when they see that snazzy yo-yo.
Just saying. :]

For me, the HATrick or the 5Star.

Hulk Wooly to match my Hulk Peak :slight_smile: