If only Mr. T had a yoyo! UPDATED: with mowhawk! :P

If Mr. T had a yoyo, this would be it! Either Mr. T or Snoop Dog! Why, because it it 100% blinged! Bling string, gold inside and gold rice stacks! :smiley:

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nice!!! the yoyo turned out great. thanks for the bling string plug!

That turned out awesome James!

I really want some now. But I’m not a fan of stacks really. LOL

Looks great James!

Thanks! The cool thing about this is that it is an undersized yoyo that can thumb grind and use hubstacks! Shockingly, the stacks don’t get in the way of thumb grinds! :o

Looks like the gangsta big brother to the duncan bumblebee

Please, please, please re-size your pictures. Pictures that are 2000 by 1500 pixels just take too long to load.

The yo-yo looks good.

Resized the pics as requested! :slight_smile:

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No, he would have a yoyo called Mohawk by the company Mr. T. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or that.

have you seen The old TV show The A-Team? it has Mr. T in it.
Or Mr. Monk and the rapper with Snoop Dog?
that looks cool BTW.

It needs a mohawk.

LOL nice