Idiots and yoyos


Dont you hate those people that are like “yoyos are so boring they don’t even work!” THEY HAVE NO IDEA!!


It’s annoying but that doesnt make them idiots. It just means that they’re missing out ;D.


Just explain it to them…
They’re only really an idiot if they dont understand…


If someone showed me an uncommon hobby that I know nothing about Id get bored of that in a few minutes if not a few seconds too to be honest…


I could probably explain yoyoing in like 30 seconds.
Theres not much to say.
It spins for a long time because it has a bearing, it doesn’t come back because of the bearing. Theres not that much to explain…


Some people are reasonable and open minded. Other people just kinda suck and usually attempt to put down about anything they’ve never heard of or tried before. I’m not only talking about skill toys. I mean at beliefs in general also.


You do know it’s not the bearing that makes it unresponsive, right? Bearing yo-yos have been around a lot longer than unresponsive play.


Well, it’s the type of bearing.


I know this is beside the point, but you can say that it’s the bearing because a wide bearing makes the yoyo un-responsive.


Except that the original Dif-E-Yos came with a 5mm wide KonKave and were still responsive out of the box. It’s the response system that makes them responsive, not the bearing.

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Yup. YYF ONEs are sometimes rather unresponsive even with the thin bearing.


Philip and I agreed on something! It’s a miracle :wink:


That’s only because they’re bad bearing and you know it :wink:


Idiots and yoyos… My attorneys…


Well people usually asked me what was that (while carrying my yoyo in my holster) and I would say it’s a yoyo and would ask them if they’d like to try . Then what you explain would happen and I would be like: “oh man it broke? Let me try” then I would pull off a super advanced trick and end it with a sky bind and the look on their faces are just priceless. Oh, how I love messing with people lol


I use a yoyo a lot. The titles valid.