I thought it would be cool to have a thread about ideas of different paint jobs on yoyos.
For example:
-An espionage coating on an 888
-Soda-Blasted EnemE
-Candy-Blasted CU

What Ideas do you have?


soda blasted lunatic,boss,skyy chaser,and a polished 888x.i wish these were achieveable for me but i dont have a soda blaster nor the knowledge of how to polish my yoyo.


Born2YoYo, non of those are paint jobs. The Espionage coating is a teflon coating. Candy blasting and soda blasting are both forms of abrasive blasting, not coatings, though they are both often followed up by anodizing.


Maybe he was talking about finishing…

(stephen_cameron) #5

I would like to have (Hope you’re listening YYF) :wink:
-American flag colorway!
-Tie Dye yoyo
-Panda spots!


i want a zombie massacre scene panted on my DNA O_o

(MikeMonty) #7

Okay, the zombie massacre scene would be AMAZING. I think some bleach-white skulls and bones on and olive green background would look sweet. Especially on an 888 or Wooly Marmot sized yo-yo. (Hint yo-yo companies).


Sorry about that Mcrnja. I Mean coatings, finishes, paint, whatever you can think of.


No problem, Bron2YoYo, I just like to make sure people wont get mixed up if they find this thread during a search.