Idaho State Fair Contest


There’s a contest going on at the Idaho State Fair ( August 29 at 1:00 p.m

If you email by augest 16 you get free admission for the contest

please include your first and last name in the email

there will be a 2 minute open freestyle and nyyl string trick ladder with prizes provided by yyf and others


im soooooo in ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D



BTW thanks for the PM drumpinython


i will try, ill have to ask my dad if he can take me

(Jesse) #5

I would LOVE to go but I’d have to catch a plane. Yeah right.


ok i looked on the web site and i cant find it, where is it? and if i e-mail that e-mail adress, am i going to compete to is it just tickets to get it?


OH GREAT I probably cant go now unless i hitch a ride with you contagon :’(


the contest isn’t listed there although it will be happening

the email is so you can be put on a list to be let in for free so you can compete in the contest


contest information