IBM help

Right, I’ve been using Beverchakus’s tut for the trick and I ahve managed to get up to the bit where you are just about to get into the GT, i can’t really explain so i will post the video and say where abouts I got to.

From 1:51 onwards, my GT goes all spacked up and i can’t seem to make it so it just looks like a trapeze hanging vertically with the counterweight at the bottom, I know this is really hard to understand but honestly I have no ide how to throw the Cw round so that it makes the decent shape for the GT

Ok i figured the gt, how do i hop the yoyo out so that it is ready to go into “The Bucket”, mine just looks like a twisted mess.

Help me please.

to do the bucket mount just disomunt regularly from a gt but pop it out to the back and over your thumb bring the yoyo back forward and up and land in the middle string