I won something!

I know its just yomega funfest but i can’t help but be happy i wonder what i will get.

That’s awesome!!!

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Sweet, I can definitely see why your happy, let us know what you receive!

You must feel really good!

Ok will do

That’s awesome!
p.s. What is the yomega fun fest and when is it held every year?.. I’d like to enter next time ;D

wow thats awesome i saw the video. how did u mod it?

Thats a secret :wink: Just kidding lol. PM me and i will tell ya

i heard of it it is like every week right. you dont have to be good to win you win by having fun i think.

Your vid was awesome too.

Congrats Man! I used to do the Yomega Contest, and winning really does feel rewarding. Hope your prize is as good as your video!


Nice. :smiley:

Thanks guys :smiley:

It was a T-shirt with the yomega logo. Pretty cool

its still something all i need is a yomega hotshot thats what i want

That’s so cool. I wish I had a Yomega Yo-yo now. If I knew Yomega did stuff like this then I would’ve borrowed My Cousin’s x-Brain.

LOL i won a shirt to what does it look like?

I’m definetly gonna enter this as soon as I get a yomega yoyo, I want to get more competetive about my yoyoing but I don’ think I am able to challenge anyone on this site because I’m just not ready and as it says on the site, it is all about fun and to be honest your pretty much competing against yourself, right?

What is the best, or most advanced, yomega at the moment?

Maverick Hotshod or Dash

And the shirt has YOMEGA and then learn teach play

are they responsive at all, and what one did you use to win and also how many times have you entered or any other people for that matter

i used a saber raider LOL!