I wish

(Owen) #1

I wish tricks were still incredibly simple and each one was uniquely and distinctly different.

That is all.

(Former National 4A Champion) #2

I wish you hadn’t made this thread


Yeah, then my tricks would win contests everywhere.


thats what makes throwing fun though, all the different things that are possible. From 1A-5A to mobius to that crazy DD play. its endless what is capable.


I wish I had more creativity to create more tricks (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Also, I wish there were more people around me who yoyo lol


its kinda easy, i though it would be hard to “create” tricks, but it really isnt to hard, ive got four tricks ive “made” (just havet seen anyone do them) so they are “my tricks”. Just do a mount your comfortable with and experiment, trist a string,add a finger or thumb, spin in oopisite direction, just learn whats capable without a knot being formed,and you have a original trick.just experiment start with whats comfy


I wish yoyos were less expensive


They’re already cheap as it is, but for someone with no job or a minimum wage type job they could seem expensive.


look at my horizontal walk teh doge with this dazzler


As someone preparing himself for the crippling debt that is college, spending over $100 on a hunk of metal isn’t something I can do often.


I have a good understanding of how to make tricks but some people, like myself, just aren’t that creative

I’ve made multiple tricks but I’m sure that others have discovered then before me


I know the feel I’m paying for college myself, but I was comparing it to other things like cars or longboards per say.


It all depends on perspective. My cousin is about my age, and just bought a ps4 with 4 or 5 games. $400 + $70+$70+$70+$70= $680 on games he will probably never even look at in a few years. With less than a fraction of that, you can buy 4 or 5 decent throws that will have you still innovating for years.


That’s not really the same category of pastime. While I see your point, You might as well be comparing yoyos to laptops. Actually, most high end yoyos are at least $70. Multiply that by however large a persons collection is and that’s no small purchase


Well yeah it’s perspective and nothing is free. I’m just saying how many other things are more expensive and how this hobby is really not that expensive, but yeah $70 is $70 so I feel you on that.


I agree that it must have been pretty epic to be around for the “Golden Years” of yoyoing. When tricks like Spirit Bomb and Kamakaze were just being invented, videos were shared on putfile and megaupload since youtube didn’t exist, and every day you’d see a new concept or new idea.

I myself had a pleasure to be part of this time when it came to Card Flourishing/Cardistry. To be there when it really first started taking off and to be able to come up with original concepts and share ideas with people worldwide was epic. Everything was so new and exciting, and every time someone made a new video you’d see something you had never seen before. Now most stuff has been done and it’s so rare to find anything that innovative these days.

Same with yoyoing I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really mind the fact that it’s so popular and that so many tricks have been created, but part of me just wishes that I had taken it up during those magical years so I could have witnessed and been a part of yoyo history.