I was wondering, what would happen if you had amnesia..


Well I was thinking the other night and wondered… What if you can yoyo well then had an accident (knock on wood) that caused you to experience amnesia. Will you be able to play the same or something?

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Have you sent that yoyo you promised to send? I haven’t recieved it yet. :frowning:
Where’s that tutorial on biplane terror you said you’d post?
One last thing, I’m still waiting for you to pay back that loan I gave you.

What? Don’t you remember any of that?

Sheesh you must have amnesia! ;D


I think yes. An interesting thing observed in Alzheimer’s patients is even after the have advanced to the point they are no longer able to speak or recognize family members they are still able to play the piano.

Of course what do I know, I woke up this morning and everything in my place had been stolen and replaced with an exact replica. I said to my wife; “Look, everything we own has been stolen and replaced with an identical replica!” She looked at me and asked; “I’m sorry, who are you?”

Oh wait, I’m not married. Am I?


I was about to say something…
but I forgot ??? hehehe


You know It would be terrible if someone forgot how to type or spell. I mean dsyuuhkv jryiyv jygeyi cdhte. Sheuui teeh hdjir sgrhyd.

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This thread has lost all purpose…

I think?

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Well, it would depend on the type of amnesia. If it’s like the kind in the Borne series, then yes, you would still be able to yoyo. Other types, maybe not.


The last time I had Amnesia I screamed like a girl and peed myself


I, I, I… can’t remember!


I’m having some laughs due to this thread… Or was I?..