i want to mod a whip


Okay so i want to hubstack a yyf ann whip how ever i dont want to buy everything and then it turns out its not possible ect , ive seen a few of these done but i dont know what parts i need or how to remove the nut/bolt axle system has anyone stacked a whip that could tell me what i need / how to remove that axle


Get a grind machine

open up the whip and pop out the bolt and the nut that screw the yoyo together
open up the grind machine and do the same, popping out the hubstacks
take out the metal hubstack posts and axle
insert it into the whip’s hex cave and put the whip together
get the hubstack bearings, o rings, and the actual plastic hubstack and stack it on as listed by me


Or keep the grind machine.


And maybe find a way to knock the weight rings out.

Or just leave it as-is.


This made me laugh.