How to Hubstack a YYF Whip/One???

So I’m looking to buy an Ann Connoly Whip which comes with a central trac bearing which is a steal for that price! But I’m looking for it to be hubstacked. So I understand that i would have to buy a YYF Hubstack Kit with 2 Size A bearings, with some or rings and hubstacks. Would I have to buy a new axle tp replace the axle and what would be the process of it?
I know I could just buy a PGM but I’d like to use a central trac bearing and quite frankly… I just don’t like the PGM. Thanks for the help

I think you can get the PGM axle and the stack portions at YYE now.

I think you’d need the 25mm PGM axle and the pair of PGM Metal posts.

I think you’d also need the hubstack kit, which is around $20.

However, now you’re around the PGM price for your parts for the project and you haven’t even gotten the Champions Edition Ann Connolly Whip yet…

I’d like to know what it would take to stack a WHIP. I’d buy the parts next month.

Yea your going to have to get a longer axle seeing that the axle of the whip consists of nothing more than a nut and bolt

Find a plastic Grind Machine on the BST and swap over the guts (axel, posts etc.) and if you don’t want the stackless Grind Machine find somebody who wants to learn and gift it. Then you got a throwin’ buddy.

Sadly the yyf whip bolt and nut are pressed into the plastic so that you cant remove them :-\ also i feel the need to point out that the stack less gm is heaver than the whip due to plastic weight rings, this might be why the OP liked it more.

The OP didn’t like the PGM, didn’t mention the stackless one.

Seems to me it would be cheaper and easier to just order a CenterTrac and a PGM, open the PGM, pry the spacers off the bearing, put the spacers on the CenterTrac, re-assemble and get to throwing.

Well, as the title says, I might just do the YYF one. Or are the nut and bolt pressed into that too? I really don’t want such a heavy yoyo. I just want it hubstacked to maybe sit and try some tricks while sitting. Or if I get bored in myabe a car I can try keep it on my finger. I really don’t want anything to heavy. Floaty plastic seems find to me.

You can firmly press on the bolt and it slides out.

Back on topic if OP wants a stacked Whip I could do the work for “free” just send me a Whip and a Grind machine and cost of shipping back. If that interests you PM me. I could always track the stuff down also.

There is a special ED Yyf one on yye that comes with a center track, it can be modded for hubstacks.

So if it slides out, then I could just buy the grind machine axle and yyf hubstack kit and do it right?

That sounds good too. If I can’t do the whip then this is my next choice. Would i need to buy a new axle for that?

You need the PGM. hub stack kit only has “O” rings, bearings and hubstacks themselves. You need the mounting ends (don’t think they are sold separately). I might be able to track down a beat PGM what kind of Whip were you looking to get (color etc.)?

I have a fairly nice pgm if you want it. (Talking to op)

Thanks for offering! I’ll get back to if i need to buy it. Thanks!

Hey man I was just gonna give it to you. If you want I just found half, the other half is in the same vicinty , but my closet is really cluttered.

If dingo54 wants to give you the PGM I would gladly have him send it to me and if you tell me what color whip you want I could get it from YYE. For the cost of the whip and $5 flat rate box your dream could become a reality.

Wow, thanks! Are you sure you don’t want anything? 5 bucks? Anything? I’ll get ordering on the whip soon(to dingo)

And sure that would work. Just tell me how much I should send you for it and you got it. Oh and the ann connolly whip pink (the only color they have /:slight_smile:

Hold on man, I think I have a whip somewhere too

:o That would be good. Do you know if it’s Ann Connolly version? If not it’s find I’ll get a central trac bearing.