How to Hubstack a YYF Whip/One???

I could furnish a centertrac. As for cost what ever parts are left over is fine and shipping is fairly cheap what state are you in?

What do you mean “furnish” centertrac? And I live in PA.

If I get a PGM and a Whip in the mail I will apply hubstacks to the Whip and put a centertrac bearing in it. If you pay return shipping of $3.00 you have “the world on a string”. Compliments of dingo and I.

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Ok, I’ll get working on sending it. I’ll tell you when I’m sending my money order and stuff to yoyoexpert and then i’ll tell you when they send it. I’ll also have to message dingo and see when he can have that shipped. Ok thank you guys so much for your help.

I found some videos for you as a reference