I want to get back into yoyoing


Ok, so this summer, I broke my ankle and I couldn’t yoyo >:(. Anyways, with Christmas coming, I want to get a new yoyo to get back into yo-yoing. I prefer CLYW, C3yoyodesign, yyf, yyj, or one drop. Please help.


I picked up a one drop 54, with ulta light side effects. Love it.

(Waylon) #3

Honestly, there are so many killer throws out there in do many prices ranges, it’s ridiculous. Just pick one that looks cool and throw it.


Then pick something from one of those brands and go for it.

The Code2 and Cascade by One Drop are very different and very much desired. The Code2 is probably what you’re after.

's Chief and AC might be the ones to get, but with new runs of Gnarwals and Avalanches, that’s a good way to get back in there.

's Trigger is cheap and amazing. I’m also aiming to get a Titan 3 and Next Level. There are also other hot new metals that YYJ has released this year.

YYF’s recent new models have been very well received. The Champion’s Edition Roll Model and Equilateral are amazing players but very different. Of course, many of the standby models are also doing good in sales due to their amazing performance. The MVP is gone, replaced by the MVP2. The Avant Garde 1 & 2 might be of interest as well, although not to me.

C3YoYoDesign’s DiBase, Halo and Token are great and fun, with the DiBase being the leader of that market. I don’t have anything else by that brand yet, but the Capless is also getting rave reviews and some other models are also flying off the shelf.

So, really, just choose something and go for it.