I want to acquire a black yeti. wait out the next run or Nab one off the BST

Is it worth the wait?

Wait. I’ve heard they play smoother, have better spacers, and a better surface finish. But it will be more expensive.

This must be a joke.

Nope, it’ll be more expensive. Not sure how much though.

So it’s more expensive to buy a Yeti for $40 rather than $60-$100?

I’m saying if he waited for the colored ones, they’ll be slightly more.
Edit: just noticed he only wanted black, not colored. So yeah, black will most likely be $40. And have the better features I already mentioned.

He said wants a black Yeti, as stated in the title. He’s asking if he should wait for the next run of black Yetis or buy one off of the BST. They’ll be virtually the same based on what I hear, except the next run will come with improved spacers.

I’d just wait, Mordo. The Yeti is a great throw, but not worth the high prices some people are charging on the BST. The black ones will be the same $40 that the preproduction run was. But, if you can manage to find a used one for a reasonable price, get it.

You can’t lowball retail stores so I’d say get one off the BST.

I would wait. The original one had problems with the bearing spacer. The newer ones have that problems fixed.