I want a throw powder coated


I want a white Leo Sniper, who can help me with that?


Wesley Cheng (yospirit) used to do a lot of powdercoats, not sure if he still does but you can shoot him a pm


I’m pretty sure I remember someone saying he doesn’t like to do bimetals. I could be wrong I’ll shoot him a pm


Go to Wesley.

I’m not doing anything until my shop is done!


Especially Sturm Panzers haha, they use glue on the rims, and the glue doesn’t like high temperatures.


Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who will?


Why do you still want to when he tells you the glue holding the rings on will soften from the heat?


He didn’t say it wasn’t possible, just that he didn’t want to deal with it


I have 4 Leo snipers, I’m willing to take a chance on one


sigh… Are any of them raw? If you’re going to insist on having it done, I’d prefer to be the one haha


What glue is used? I’d be really suspicious that would work well. Either because of the glue loosening or outgassing.


I appreciate it, they are not but u do that for a fee correct?


Yea, pm me for pricing.


It’s like, a liquid cement from what I’ve seen.



I’ll be interested to see how it turns out. I could see a bimetal being pretty cool in a transparent powder.


It’s such a huge pain doing bi metals though haha, if there’s any kind of space inbetween the ring and the aluminum, the powder likes to bubble up around there, and with Sturm Panzers, it’s best if I remove the ring altogether then glue it back on, as the last one I did, the ring fell out in the oven. Btw, I didn’t know you were one of the original Diss Kings haha


Yeah, I was wondering that about the glue. Seemed like it would be a huge mess.

Diss Kings, yeah, ha. Long time gone now. Good stuff.