I want a Glacier Express

I just got the New genesis in the mail two days ago. But CLYW’s new run of the glacier express is just so hard to resist. I want one. Especally a fools gold one.

How does it play?

And am I greedy for wanting it? hahaha

Just curious… How does the word,‘Greedy’ apply to somebody wanting another yoyo?

I don’t see it.

To me, Greedy would be more like if you bought a whole batch of the same Colorway. Like, say, YYE Store released another brand new batch of GEs Today. 5 Colorways; 10 of each Colorway. < And you bought All 10 of the same Colorway, like Harrison Hurricane. < That would be Greedy.

Just wanting another yoyo ‘is not’ Greedy. You might feel like you are Spoiling yourself?

But even then, being spoiled and being Greedy are 2 entirely different things.

Now if you really want it and you can afford it, then get it.

If you really want it but you really can’t afford it, or you put off paying a Bill to get a yoyo instead? Then you are not being either: greedy or spoiled. You are being ‘Silly’.

I just got a few yoyos at the BLC Contest. And I feel like getting a Glacier Express today or tomorrow. And I never even considered that I might feel Greedy about it, lol.

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The doctor has spoken

And he has prescribed:

More yoyos!

Fortunately, I got a prescription pad FULL of those kinda notes! However, I think I might be self-medicating.

I say if you want it and can afford it, buy it. If people think you’re being greedy, that is THEIR problem. If you’re buying and spending beyond your means, then that is YOUR problem.

My wants list shrinks and grows as I see things I want, buy things, get things or remove things. Like, I’ve removed the Werrd Hour and Sentinel because they just don’t appeal to me, but if I get a chance to play them and like them, I may put them back on the list.

The Glacier Express is an interesting yoyo, adding a CLYW spin to the extreme under-cut design. Fast, fun, grinds like mad and an ideal size with most of the weight pushed out to the outer edges.

In the meantime, I have money ear-marked for the new GSquared Quake. If that means I have to miss an event I want to spend money at, then so be it. If it means I am short funds for Nationals, then oh well, I’m still going to Nationals, just not buying much, if anything. I have to see if a check gets in on time if I will have extra funds.