I think somebody with good skills should..

Yoyo to Gangnam Style. Why would anybody yoyo to that song in particular, you may ask? For publicity. As you may have noticed, any video on Youtube with the words Gangnam and Style (in that order) has over a million views. Soon yoyoers shall rule the world.

Sorry mods if this is in the wrong section.

this is a good idea.

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and to say a song is horrible because [implied] it got super popular is just ridiculous. You probably heard the song is a social commentary [err mockery/parody] of the super lavish lifestyle in the Gangnam region. Plus, it wasn’t Psy’s intention for his song to blow up worldwide; just supposed to stay in Korea. It just happened and he rode with it.

Or not. Publicity can totally ruin things.

OK, I’m sorry, I just don’t like the song.

I’ll edit it. Also, thanks for the video.

Well, not necessary publicity for the sake of making yoyoing more popular, more like publicity just to let people see how much yoyoing has changed. I don’t know, am I overthinking this?

not really in the wrong section. ::slight_smile:

This made me laugh.

Impersonating mods for the win!

I have some Gangnam tricks…

I’m trying my best to become one! So why not act like one! ::slight_smile: