help me with my plan

i wanna make yoyos more popular and i need your help all my plans fail or theres no chance of getting a big hit in a movie/tv show so post a plan here and try it out

Actually, yoyoing is already VERY popular right now, so I dont think we need to do anything.

It has been in several movies, and shows:

Also, some of my favorite clips, that have been in the news or T.V:

ya but u wont see any yoyoers out in public

^^ where I live whenever I go out I take a yo-yo with me.

Same. Also, you will see more people seeing it on TV then out in public.

i havent seen a single yoyo on tv since 2006 and i take mine in public thats it

I only see John Narum because he lives closeish to me…

woops nvm i was watching anime and i sae yoyo in there for 30secs

Yes, but it has been on the news countless times and television multiple times. Take a look at that link. YoYos have shown up all those times. Those are more people inspiring then you could do alone. Also, most people dont yoyo by seeing it, but by trying it. thats why i just let people try my G5, and see them have fun, despite the fact that they can’t get it up. Thats what you need to do.

I’ve actually had this conversation with Mark Mcbride a few times. There is never going to be a yoyoing Boom like in the late 90’s because we have such a strong internet community. The reason the last boom started was because one kid picked up a yoyo learned a trick and showed his friend and that friend got another friend to start yoyoing etc…etc. Now that we have the internet we can connect with thousands of players with one google search so there’s no need to get your friends involved to keep things fresh and interesting for yourself. The nice thing about the internet though is since we’re all connected now our community will continue to grow and grow Ive notice a huge growth from the last 7 years and the boom of the growth I’ve seen has been in the last 3 years.

P. (RecRev)