I think I havge been doing my hops wrong?!? 2a players help me out here.

Ok. I will try my hardest to describe this.
I started questioning myself after watching a few looping tutorials on hops. Then I slowed down some 2a freestyles and it looks like I am doing my hops with the opposite tilt on the yoyo that I see in these videos.
Let me explain what I mean by opposite tilt. Just like the tilt with looping I have the yo yo tilting kind of at a 1:00 direction when looking straight down. That’s fine from what I see on these videos. Now along with this tilt the yoyo is canted a little to the side so you can see one side of the yoyo a little. When I am doing regular loops I can see the inside side of the yoyo. Just like all the videos I see. When I am doing hops I see the outside side of the yoyo. I always figured that hops are opposite loops so that was correct. I have grooved this method quite well. Now I saw this tutorial video on 2amaster and the yoyo was canted to the side so you would see the inside side of the yoyo just like regular loops. Like I said I tried to slow down some freestyle vids and from what I can make out they were just like the tutorial video. Could any of you 2a guys out there let me know what side of the yo yo you can see when looking straight down wile doing hops?
This is going to be a real pain in the butt if I have to learn hops all over again but I do want to be doing them correctly. I noticed that when I see most people do hops they tend to go in towards the middle of the body. The way I am doing them (Opposite angle I think) they tend to go outward.
Well I hope that made sense.
Sorry for the wall of text but this is hard to put into words and thanks in advance for any help.

well loops and hops are done with a personal perspective. i personally do it the same way you do. wrong or not that’s the way i do them. with hops the yoyo should tilt at a slight 1:00 tile and you should throw outwards more. that’s all i can think of for right now.

Thanks for the reply Yoyoblaze
The 1:00 tilt is not my ishue. When you are doing hops and you look straight down over the yoyo what side of the yoyo do you see? The side that faces in (left side for right habd hops) or the side ethat faces out (right side for right hand hops)?

Edit. They say a pic is worth a 1000 words so here is a pic.

The second one is more correct. You definitely want to have it so you can see the side that’s on the inside. I generally don’t have the 1 oclock thing, but I do always have it so i can see the side.

libe Brian said, the second picture is more of what you should do but i do it more of the way the first picture shows.

If you do your hops as per the top description, and then do cattle crossing with it,

you have the bottom description.

Yuuki just straight up told me I needed to bring the yo-yos closer together. It’s all the advice I needed.