Double A - Cant get hop-the-fence/punching bags style loops

So as the title says, I’m working in looping. I’m decent with regular loops, and can do them in both hands for long enough to practice. My problem is that hop the fence style loops seem to be opposite from forward pass style loops. Practicing them will screw up my regular loops a bit. Also, when I do the hop style loops, the yoyo seems to want to flip on its side. Can anyone help me?

EDIT I can do crossed arms for a few loops.

When you do hop the fence and when it’s starting to tilt on it’s side I do a few flips which look like this

To get it back in sync to do more loops to help do a few more.

Like normal forward pass loops, hop the fence loops should also have a tilt. For your initial throw, try angling your throw so the yoyo tilts to the outside. After that, it’s just practice finding the perfect angle and timing when you flick your wrist for each loop. In addition, I find that my flick is a little to the TH side of the yoyo rather than right over top.

I’m guessing only practicing and getting consistent with both loop types will stop hop the fence loops from screwing up your regular loops. They’re pretty different. Good luck, you’ll get it.