Help from the 2a guys about hops

Hello everyone.

I am still trying to determine if my hops are correct.  I posted this question a wile back with some pics but I think i was not very clear as to what I am asking.  So if a pic is worth a thousand words then video should be worth much more.  Or at least clearer. :wink:

The first video is me doing hops the way I learned them many years ago.

vid 2

When I look down at the yoyo I can see the outside side of the yoyo.  On most of the videos I find online it looks like the yoyo should be tilting the other way so the inside side is more visible.  And the second link is an example of this.  So here is the question posed to the experienced 2a people on this sight.  Is the way I am doing the hops wrong?  should I relearn them the other way?  The reason I am asking this is I am having a very difficult job moving on to 2 hand milk the cows.  To get the tilt i use, I have to throw the yoyo out away from my body to start.  When I watch others do milk the cows they look like they throw their yoyos inwards to start the hops.  So anyway.  If anyone has any insight on this I give you my thanks in advance