I think I got a screamin deal!

I got a Grind Machine 2 for 28 bucks on ebay! Do you think I got a good deal? (I think so) It didn’t say if it had stacks or not but I’m asuming not. It dosn’t look totaly dinged up and the guy said he has had no problems with it what so ever. (he has 100% feedback) (I’ve never played with a GM2) Do you like the GM2? Do you think I got a good deal? Post away!

Cool, I saw that deal. Yes. It is! :wink:

even if it does play bad, you’re only out 28 bucks.

great deal :wink:

Then I am happy! Any more comments any one? How does it feel in play. And how big is it realy? Does it feel full like a New breed or because of the g5 shape does it feel like it is smaller?

Closer to a G5 for me.

Plays great. Worth the money. In fact, it might as well be the G5’s cousin! :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, you got a kick-butt deal! :wink:

EDIT: i dont know how to not make it show two videos… oh well :wink:

Get it no doubt!

I know it is big but does it feel big or does it feel smaller due to the h shape?

Thats not my video, but generally, h-shape yoyo’s are pretty bulky.

I haven’t tried a gm2, but thats the feeling I get with most other h-shapes.

Be careful playing with it, the one you bid on is a first run (Which is why you got it so cheap). They had a “Thin wall” problem, and can break on impact. The GM2 in the video review that Ikelace posted is a second run, where the problem was fixed.


You could notice the color disorentation on it, too.

No big worries. A Yo-Yo is a Yo-Yo. :wink:

Nooooooo! My heart is crushed! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Does it realy break with little impact or do you have to totaly blast it in order for it to break? :cry: I’m sad.

ouch =/

sorry for the moment of confusion :-[

EDIT: is the thin wall problem similar to the lucha libre’s thin wall problem?

I’m sure if it lightly drops, or if the impact is small it will be okay. Just don’t do 4A or 5A with it, and watch where you throw. As long as you take care of it, it should be fine. :wink:

As for the color, second runs were colored a different shade on purpose so that people could tell the different runs apart.

I think your 5Star is mint, pretend that is your 5Star, don’t ding it too hard and it will be fine.

Yeah, my 5 Star is in mint. I know I won’t get the GM2 dinged up and broken but it still bums me out that it is a thin walled run. :frowning:

Don’t be bummed out, it won’t make much of a difference if you keep it mint. Besides, even for a first run, $28 is a great deal.

No worries dude, if you don’t like it, I’ll buy it off you for 28 bucks. :smiley:

I’ll buy it for $23! Jk Jk

Man you’re quick, you got that in there before I could finish editing my typo.