I swirl painted a yoyo the other day...


I tried to swirl my old Maverick using some knowledge I had about painting guitars.
It is nowhere near perfect, infact one of the halves looks pretty much horrid (in my opinion). It is a very cool method and I see lots of potential with it, so I am probably going to do a few more yoyos to get comfortable with it.

The black around the rim is because i accidently set it down on cardboard with primer on it.
I also did a very bad job masking it, so that is shown here:

Let me know what you think :smiley:



looks like it has potential…


Thats what im thinking.


Keep painting yoyos like this, and I’m sure they’ll start looking awesome!


Keep practicing try more splat paint, it’s easier! Use a paint brush(or the drill method) and throw it on. :smiley: