I play with a yo yo and I'm a [ ] loser


:frowning: I was working last night and I noticed one of my co-workers wrote " I play with a yo yo and I’m a[ ] loser on the inside of the elevator . There was a word before loser that was covered over .
I bet the guy who wrote this only has 1 hobby , watching the t.v. >:(
So I’m going to work tonight with a brand new sharpie black marker in my pocket .
What should I write ?


I’d cross out the word ‘loser’ and replace it with ‘legend’.



‘legend’ works. :wink:

Also, don’t take it to heart. People willing to do that sort of thing have bitterness over much deeper things than you playing yoyo. That’s just a pretext to lash out. Try your best to feel badly for whoever did that, rather than feel too insulted… because you can bet they’re having a very hard time with their life right now.

It’s really as transparent as “I hate my [ ] life right now!” and that’s how you should read it.

But still, putting ‘legend’ would be good for a laugh. :wink: If it gets crossed out and replaced again, probably better off dropping it. Also: vandalism. Be absolutely sure you don’t mind joining in on that sort of activity. They may not know who wrote “loser” but they’ll know who wrote “legend”!


Are you the only yoyoer there? Take it to HR or the boss. Not only is this vandalizing private property, it’s also creating a hostile work environment.


Don’t lower yourself to their level. Report to HR and see who the real loser is.


I like legend , very positive . As far as vandalism goes it’s not really a thing . It’s an elevator used for construction, so it’s covered over in plywood that will be taken down after job is over .


I never rat on co-worker for any reason . I’m a union man .
I’m sorry just because this guys an idiot doesn’t mean his family should starve .


Just write “legend”, that would be pretty awesome ;D


Write legend on a new paper and take the old one to the HR.


[ ] him up.


I would write something along the lines of “say it to my face ******”



Notify the appropriate people to have it cleaned up/off.

A lot of “socially awkward” people see themselves as losers. This person may or may not throw, but most likely they are actually trying to make a cowardly statement about someone else in an effort to empower themselves. They should write this sort of stuff on a bit of paper, feel good about it, then have their little laugh and then throw it away.

I have a different view on unions, mostly because with the unions I have to deal with, they serve mainly to keep an incompetent person employed and being something in the way of things running smooth and being a barrier to me preventing me getting what I need done properly. In fact, often, if the union people were NOT there, things would run ON TIME and WITHOUT incident.

Disclaimer: Not all unions are like that. Unfortunately, in the entertainment labor business, it can be really crappy. I’ve had wonderful run-ins with some local unions, while others have been horrific. It’s those horrific ones that really nail you.

But as far as “should the guy starve?”:
I have an issue with vandalism, not the content, and in this case, the content was at least not “obscene”, to the best of my knowledge based on the information provided. If whoever did this is vandalizing enough, this situation will take care of itself, which will result in said vandal being terminated. It won’t be because of this one issue, it will be due to a pattern of issues, this just merely being one of many.

Hopefully the guy decides it’s not with doing stupid things and just knocks it off. That’s what I would prefer to see happen.

I play with yoyos. I am me. I am happy playing with yoyos and I do not care what others think. If that makes me a loser, then so be it. My enjoyment and personal happiness is far more important to me than what a few individuals think. Or a lot of individuals. Now, if I start seeing billboards and a national television and multi-media campaign using my image and calling me a loser, well, then perhaps I should re-evaluate my statement.


write below it,“says the potato chip eating champion”


This, do this now!


write it off :wink: