I need to clean this place

I decided to make a video instead of organize my room. let me know what you think.

Good stuff, what rapper that be?

The song is called American royalty off of childish gambino’s album royalty. Not sure who the rapper that’s rapping during that part is.

Good video! Like your style. What yoyo and string is that?

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Good video!

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I like it !! Love the excuse to make your vid :wink: looks like Worlds did some things for ya ;)… Buttah. Smooth like.

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Thank you!

And Really Thank you!! haha. I always mess that up, Thanks for this, now I can always find it written down how to do it.

Thank you! Worlds was great this year! I learned a bunch! all of these tricks though I’ve come up with in the past 3 days or so :slight_smile:

Yeah, I could tell by your demeanor that something has changed a bit… Like confidence :wink: also you seem to be more relaxed which wasn’t there as much before worlds… Good on ya!

Wow, thank you for that!