new room thread

okayy guys this prob should be in the display section but i think itll do better here since you have to do a video so here is how it works.i love seeing how peeple set up there room and were they put there yoyos and everything i i find that you can come across some cool stuff this way so what you woudl do is make a video with this in it

-a view of your room
-talkng about were you keep your yoyos and if you have a dresser you put all your yoyo stuff on or something like that (like if you have a spot were your yoyos have to go or else you flip)ahah
-show us what else you do besides yoyo.
-show us your collection and yoyo stuff
-show us some of your other stuff that you might want to show us so here is mine actually will be posted when it finishes uploading