I need someone to repair and PC or anodize these for me!


So, I collect YoYofficer throws to one day hand down to my son who now is only seven months old. My aim is to collect the entire line of YYO in as mint conditions as possible. Unfortunately, there are a few YYO that are no longer in production, so finding a mint one is very difficult. I recently acquired two YYO Dashers that apperently were used for some pretty brutal 3A play. What I need is for someone to repair as much of the damage as possible and then re-anodize or powder coat (if absolutely necessary) one or both of them so that I can add it to my sons collection and no one would be the wise. If ANYONE can do this, PLEASE reply or PM me!

Here are the pics of damage. I couldn’t he every last little ding pictured, so I pictured some of the worst damages on each of them.



oh my.


PM yoyospirit


i already have a message in to Mullicabob but not spirit yet. and yea “oh my” is what i said lol but good luck finding a Dasher ANYWHERE else y’know


Piece of cake!

Seen and done much worse.


Keep in mind there is a big difference between the feel of anodizing and powder coating.

Ano will feel like it use to, powder is a bit more plastic-like… a bit more grip to it.



Would have bob satin and BB but then send it to England1414 for anodizing


Some powder has a completely different feel to if you go that route. Flat ano powders, bead blasted powders, flat clear is like soda blast.

Most know that some don’t!


I’ve had the opportunity to feel some of the yoyos you’ve done (I was at IYYC) and they aren’t significantly different than any others I’ve had. Well done for sure, but still feel very different than ano, a lot more plastic and grippy feel… so we will have to disagree on that point.

(2Sick Joey) #10

Did you try a flat ano powder Kyo? The Flat ano feels very similar to ano.


He’s thinking about donuts Joe.


I’m not sure exactly what each was, I was able to take a look at several that seemed a bit different from each other, but not hugely different than what I’m use to seeing.

I now return you to the regularly scheduled mullicabob ranting, insulting and generally insane shenanigans that we’ve all come to expect.



A lot your your comments.