I need some testers. Austrlalians need only apply!

So I have been very busy over the last couple of days making a heap of strings and now it is time to send some out to some people who can test them out for me and see if they are up to standard.

If you are interested PM me your postal address and I will send you a sample pack of my strings. The only thingI require in return is your honest opinion on the strings.

Once again Australian yoers need apply.
Thanks in advcance.

C’mon any aus nuts on here. Dont be afraid.

I wish I was Austrailian lol.

Seriously guys… I saw these guys strings in a picture and the look pretty darn awesome. If you are austrailian do post. :wink:

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Why Aussies only? If tis because of post cost I’m sure someone would pay that for a pack of strings. Might have an easier time finding testers. Just an idea.

Basically because I am sending only a few strings to each person it isnt worth the postage cost, but once I get these strings out of the testing phase I will be willing to send pack of 20 or more to anywhere.