I need help (with a frontstyle combo)

I cannot create a front stlye speed combo to save my life does any body have any tips on how to do so.

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I just put a decent little front style combo together using the Yotricks front style speed combo tutorial series.


ive seen all of them but im just not good at making my own

Chill. Gotta practice before becoming good. Learn the individual tricks and then work each connection between them one for one. A lot of them are instinctive so i wouldn’t worry too much about not being able to grasp them completely from a tutorial.


Good luck. I dislike and refuse to learn /play front style.

Edit to add: props to those that do play it. It looks great when you do it, just not when I do it; i.e. it’s not visually interesting from my POV. Same goes for horizontal.


^ this

I know a handful of trix but I could really care less about frontstyle after I learned pop n’ fresh / boing e boing