I need help decieding!

Okay im new on this website.this is my first post.My friend is going to get me a new yoyo. He said around the price of SGD$60. Should i get a counter attack, New breed, Xconvict or a M1?(if in stock lol)
Please choose

M1 is out of stock, I suggest a New Breed, You cant go wrong with it if you like big yoyo’s, but if you want a smaller player I think an X-Convict

Well, are you able to bind?

If you can bind, and you want a big yoyo, I suggest the New Breed. But if you want a small yoyo, you can’t go wrong with the Atmosphere. :wink:

And welcome to YoYoExpert!


Big = New Breed
Small = Atmosphere

The Counter Attack may be a good choice for you.

It’s a normal sized yoyo, but it plays fast and smooth like an undersizeed.