i need free string.plzzzz

i need free poliester string plz any one

Just to let you know, using bad grammar and begging won’t help you get free stuff.

Try being polite, and explain why you need it :wink:

yes and dont just say because i want it or anything like that give good reasons

Or make your own :wink:

Can you give me a good reason why I should give you string?

Hey jeremy, would you mind if I sell some of your string on the b/s/t?

Edit: nvm, its good to have a mom that buys stuff from me for a lil’ bro :smiley:

A bit off topic, don’t you think, a pm would be the best way to discuss this. Go ahead it is yours now.

first of all we would have to ship it which would cost . next we would be giving away free string which is .
lastly we dont even know why you want it.
mabye if you explain why you need it someone MIGHT send you some

Well, first of all, THIS IS A OLD THREAD. Please dont bump this up.