I need a quick answer


I’m currently in the car and I have just bought a Duncan metal drifter. I was wondering if it was responsive out of box


some are some arnt. Mine wasn’t but you don’t have a good throw it will be because of the small gap and double pad set up.
I got some from an early run all seemed unresponsive out of the packadge but they dont’ seem to be that way anymore.


Yes, it is. The note on its description on this site says, "The yo-yo itself is excellent for responsive and beginner level play so a great choice for learning the basic to intermediate yo-yo tricks. For the price it is hard to find such a neat yo-yo!

Note: If you want to make this yo-yo unresponsive we recommend upgrading the bearing inside to a KonKave or Center Trac (Size A)."

Hope this helps.


thanks guys

(Owen) #5

Clean the bearing and get silicone pads, only put one sili pad in.


will do and go mafia