I need a doctor

So I made a video for the werrd contest and when I went to their website to get the intro, it won’t work
I click on the link and it just brings me to a black screen
Could someone like attach it in a response or something?

Where’s JRod when you need him huh?

Won’t work/open for me either?


And that’s from a yoyo professional doctor. What more could you want?

Doctor, will I make it?

You right click the link and click save as. Then you save it to your desired location, and put it in your video.

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Well, I have good news and I have bad news.

The good news is you have 24 hours to live.

The bad news is… I was supposed to call you yesterday.

Actually, I actually know a serious amount of ‘stud’ about yoyos. But that being stated, I am not much of a Computer ninja.

When I went to the Werrd site and clicked on the intro link, it opened a dark screen with a little circle in the middle. The circle has a triangle shape with a line through the middle.

That’s all.

I’m thinkin that RobbieG123 has got a long life ahead, though.

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