when will


the Team YoYoJam forum be back up? it has been down for forum matinance or over two weeks now so I was just wondering if it was closed.


there are some good videos on here.


This is an irrelevant post. Please do not spam.


I think perhaps he meant to say something else as well.
Have Fun Throwing,


I thought he was trying to bump up the topic. :-\


It happens to me all the time- I accidently hit enter or something and then it posts while i dont want it to! :o ;D


Oh, I didnt see that the post was made by him.

Sorry Mitchell, it was spam. If you wish to bump the topic, please just post a reply with Bump.

For any of you wondering what a bump is, it is actually an acronym for "Bring Up My Post.

Have Fun Throwing,



Concerning this. I was not yet done typing what I was going to say. my finger accidentaly pressed “enter” and it posted the reply. there are good videos on there though. One was Stronger: original song. Others are Legacy vids. an Axiom video and review. And good information for beginners and intermediate players. I did not put this here as spam the post itself was a question if anyone knew if it was ever going to come out of forum matinance again. and Samad the Bump reminds me too much of YoYoNation unless I put something like “there are some good videos on here bump” ect.


You can edit posts.


then after I hit “enter” I had to get off.


Hitting “Enter” does not post. It starts a new line. It doesn’t really matter now, though.


I will let this thread die. I’d rather let it die and wait forever for it to be out of forum matinance then be critezed on what my computer does.