i nead a wing shaped yoyo for trade


i want a lyn fury or any other wing shaped yoyo for trade. i do not want to buy i only have a yomega raider. i really need string with it.



I could trade you a nice Throwmonkey. It’s nice and large, great for learing string tricks!

I’ve got a blue and white one, or a orange and black one. The blue one has some marks on the rims, but the orange one is near-mint.


is it bearing. either way pm me. (ps:i have never traded before can you tell me how it works ??? )that yoyo in the picture is not right, the color got messed up it is actually translucent green. the yoyo is the same but. ;D


Yes, it does has a ball bearing.

I think you should ship first, tell me, and then I’ll ship. I don’t think you’ll rip me off, but we have been getting a lot of scammers here lately. Plus, I have more feedback.

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Common courtesy.
JUMP is correct.


i already have it packed i just need to send it. i’ll tell you when i send it i would say the same if i was in your shoes. i’ll have to send it some day next week because i have a camp this weekend. 8)


Oh, real quick before you ship, could you tell me the condition? I’m assuming it’s mint/near-mint, seince you posted a store picture, but just to make sure…


it has 2 scratches one was with it when i got it the other happened in my basement. pretty much mint. it needs to be oiled thats all.hope thats fine!


Yep, that’s fine! :slight_smile:

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