I miss yoyojoes you guys

Not sure if too many people on here got the opportunity to go to yoyojoes, but those of you who did remember it as a fantastic store with the best community anyone could ask for. I’m feeling nostalgic about the days when I could go to the club on saturdays and ask A.J for advice on a trick. It’s a shame they had to close. What are your favorite memories?


this is a very vague topic and your not supposed to mention other companies soo yeah.

They’ve since gone out of business like yoyonation

I went to get information about their club one day, not long before they were going out. :’(

Ahh, the great YoYoJoes. I’ve been there twice and enjoyed it both times. I went once last December, and I also went for their closing party. Great place, wish they were still around.

My favorite and least favorite and only memory about yoyojoe’s is when I found out they existed and had an advertisement that their physical store had everything at a substantial discount but their online store was no longer operational (but for some reason still showed a ton of stock) so I emailed them with a huge list of things I saw on their website asking if any of it was still available for purchase in-store, and if so, if I could purchase it via credit card over the phone. Then they never responded.

Relax abby, it was primarily a brick and mortar store, since closed. It’s not “vague” to anyone who’s been around for awhile, in fact it’s a bit sad.

I loved YoyoJoes and Mitchell’s before that. I’m still proud to say that I was apart of all that. Lots of yoyo history happened between the two stores on Concord Pike in Wilmington Delaware.

That place was great. I used to travel to NJ for work and would stop on my way back to MD to try and buy yo-yos. And on family trips we’d stop and let the kids play on the pirate ship (while I surveyed a certain section of the store). Good place for the kids’ Christmas and birthday gifts.

I’ll miss it.