Are there any yo-yo stores in NYC? Any good throwers?


Hey guys! I just thought about this seeing as how I’m heading down there this weekend. Are there any good stores to stop by as far as yoyoing goes? Maybe not an official yo-yo store but one that sells ones other than Duncan?

What about throwers? Any of you forum guys from NYC? Anywhere you suggest going and seeing? I know NYC pretty well but I’m pretty sure you guys could teach me something! Any companies situated in NYC as well?


NYC!!! YES! Where are you headed in nyc?


There’s the NYC yoyo club on Sundays. I’ve never been there personally, but it sounds pretty cool. I need to go one of these days. I’m so close to there…

Anyway, here’s their website:


I don’t really have any specific area I’m going to be in, I’ll e seeing family for a part of the trip but I’ll be pretty bored for the rest of it. Saturday I’m busy but Sunday I might go and check this Yo-Yo club out! Sounds like a blast!

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I believe YoyoNation had a store in NYC before the incident…


Pretty sure LizF on here(not exactly sure of her username) lives in NYC and throws with a group there.


Yeah I read about that. Too bad it’s gone!

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I know! I always wanted to go there


what happened?


To my knowledge, YYN never had a physical storefront in NYC, just an office full of yo-yos.

“The Incident” was a lengthy ordeal in which a few customers regularly came to hang out in the office, and over the course of a year or two, stole a tremendous quantity of yo-yos and proceeded to resell them on the YYN forum for prices lower than retail. This, among other factors, was a serious blow to the store and a major reason why they had to close shop in a lot of debt.


What jerks.


Try LizF…




I live on Long Island