I made a divider for my yoyo bag


I got bored and had some leftover boxes from moving and some duck tape so I made a divider for my yoyo bag. It’s janky but it keeps the metal ones from clanging into one another.


It wasn’t for a yoyo case, but I did that exact same thing for my gopro case. Not exactly pretty. But works just fine.



(ZAC) #4

That looks functional. The only problem i can see is what humidity will do to the duct tape eventually. The glue may run onto your throws. I used seat cushions from hobby lobby and hole cutter to offer protection in my case.


I will, in the future. I’m a commission furniture salesman and we’re pretty slow lately. Until things pick back up, money is tight so this will do for now. Next payday, I’m getting a box cutter, ruler and black spray paint (the water sealing kind, if it’ll work) and re-doing it. But I am glad you said something because I didn’t think of it.