i made a big mistake...

OKAY… So I am a beginner spintop thrower. I can catch it on my hand almost every time and know no tricks yet. I can’t wait to get better and I am a fast learner. When I was intoxicated last night I ordered an Acrobat. Can i use this? If i drop it will it break? I’ve only used fixed tops.

lol is all u do get drunk and ask about good yoyos for raves

Acrobats are great tops, just don’t worry about scratching it or you will never play with it. It has a delrin tip which would be better as steel, that’s about my only complaint. The string it comes with is WAY TOO LONG, so you’ll need to resize it before you throw it. I cut mine down to 65".

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This story made my week.


dcs, were you drunk or were you intoxicated by awesomeness?

I think the next time you get “intoxicated” you should order me a dv888 :wink:

As Rodney Carrington would say, " QCV and Liquor don’t Mix!"

omg all your responses cracked me UPP :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you, you’ve been really helpful! and sorry I dont understand… do you mean if i scratch it I will not want to play with it again or like “dont worry about scratching it, youll still use it”.

If you really don’t wont it you could return it. But it’s a good top so i’d just keep it.

He means, if you worry about scratching it, your not gonna play it. It will get scratched, it will get dinged, you have to get over it.

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yea thanks thats what i figured, thanks everyone! funny topic :smiley:

note to self, never drink and use spintops

Me too :slight_smile: