I’m finally back 🙇‍♂️

It’s nice that mental illness more accepted and being spoken about now. I’m so glad to have your and everybody’s support. I’m here for you man and welcome back as well :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t think I hurt anybody on the forum. I got in a lot of public altercations for a while and then loaded a truck full of stuff and drove 6+ hours into the middle of nowhere until I wrecked and got brought back home. This was the second time in a year I had done this and ofcourse talking a mile a minute and not sleeping which I’m sure you can relate to. Thank you for sharing your similarities with mental illness! Yoyoing a well as bunch of other hobbies (and serious meds) have really helped me too and together we can all get through this… I hope :upside_down_face:

Oh yeah they got dark af. But luckily those close to me stayed close and really walked me through this. I’m glad your level now too. Admitting there is something wrong and actually getting help is very difficult and humbling to do. Anybody who has is awesome and you have all my love and support man :slightly_smiling_face:


This has been the single most important thing to me over the past few years. Having people in my life that really ‘get’’ me.
I was dealing with a therapist who came out of retirement…who didn’t know WTF she was doing and really shuold’ve stayed retired…and a case manager who was a comlete jack***, and my life was a freaking wreck.
Then the idiot case manager retired and the useless therapist moved to a different facility. I was paired with a life coach of sorts who is totally non-judgmental of me and we get along SUPER well…and I was also given a new therapist who turns out to be the best I’ve ever had!
My life has really turned around for me and I owe a ton of it to having people in my life I can trust, I don’t feel judged by and who I feel would have my back.
That and I’ve made a pretty good friend who has also gone through a lot in her life and sees the same therapist. She’s done SO much for me over the last couple of years.

I lost my mom in 2017, then later that year my dad decided to move out of state. I relied HEAVILY on my parents so it was like the ground completely disapeared from under my feet and life got hard there.
I’m lucky AF to have had awesome peeps enter my life when they did.

Sorry for the long winded ramble.
I’m hyper tonight! lol


Lol naw man I love to read this stuff. That sounds awesome to have great people come in during a very rough dark point. I was a little mani the last few nights and was trying feverishly to buy up yo-yos but I’m feeling a little better today… meh on second thought maybe not. So ramble all you want man

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Here’s a question for you and others with bipolar…

Do you guys like your mania?

I find some people do, and some people don’t.

I LOVE when I’m manic haha. I feel SO on top of life, and some of the best times in my life have been while I’m manic as heck. College, jobs, friendships, hobbies.
Sometimes (like in college or when starting a new job)…I feel like superman! Obstacles are nothing to me. I was on the dean’s list during my first semester of college and couldn’t get enough!

Of course…especially when I’m superman…there’s the inevitable crash. And that part sucks. Being manic/superman is not sustainable for me unfortunately. And sometimes my crashes are devestating and can take me years to crawl out of (dropping out of college, quitting jobs, deciding to pick up and move without much forethought…etc. etc.)

The meds I’m on help level me out so I don’t dip into my lows…but they also keep me from getting super manic.

I love being manic…I just don’t like the come downs from that high.

How about you guys?

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Good to have you back. :+1:


Thanks man, good to be back

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Yes and no. I like talking to my friends when I’m manic we have fun and make a lot of jokes, and I’m spending a lot of money. But then it spins too much and I can’t think talk right im bumping into things losing stuff. It takes me forever just to accomplish small tasks. then I get auditory hallucinations. So for a few hours I’d say it’s fun but then it becomes embarrassing up till the crash

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Yo welcome back young Ian Bender…welcome back!


Hello, welcome back.

Congrats on trying to get yourself back on track.

Life is a series of challenges that we try to beat.

Everybody gets dealt a different hand.

It’s a learn by doing situation.

There’s an old saying that, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.


There is a beauty in this situation, which is that this community is open to this type of conversation, receptive and more importantly, participatory. I’m looking from afar, and I’m new to the forums, but I feel virtually embraced by the whole family (a little generalism, perhaps), but anyway, I am available to anyone who needs support. I studied for years hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and limiting beliefs, giving back all the blessings is the only way. Good journey to all!


Honestly the community alone is probably why I still yoyo. I usually get bored with hobbies way more easily. But there are a lot of wholesome people that dont judge you… .
Sure there are disagreements from time to time, but most of us are here in the first place to talk about yoyos. I find that pretty neat. Grown men and women who share one interest and in time we slowly get to know some of each other at a personal level.


So many people with positive things to say I can’t keep up with everyone. Thank you everyone so much for all the positivity and love I can’t express what it means to me