I messed up

Sorry if I offended anyone.
Having a hard time.Life is hard,as all you know.
I will name names after I deal w/ pp and cc.

I love the yo,it calms me,creative and positive.

Hope I’m not banned.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes, and I expect I’ll make many more. But I’ve learned that as soon as I recognize a mistake has been made, I have to make immediate changes and try to fix it. After that, I feel clean and minty fresh again. Good luck with your PP/CC… and name Names, so nobody else has to suffer the same thing.

Hey BONEz’ … Everybody has a bad day😳

It just happened to be your turn; that’s all.

We all take turns rattling each others’ cages.

But most often; we obviously aren’t aware of what else is currently going on in anothers’ life.

As long as nobody loses an eye and nobody needs a Tourniquet; it’s all good.

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Thanks everybody.
“As long as nobody loses an eye and nobody needs a Tourniquet; it’s all good.”


Oh well…, It’s not like they’ll gain or lose much by your postings or non-postings. It’s up to you as a Yo-Yo’r, what you contribute to it. Just stay within an “acceptable parameters” with your behaviours. So called homie. And…that’s real talk butter scotch.

We’re all good people here and are forgiving. I can see you’re new here too and the rough day kind of came a bit soon for you probably making an unsettling/uncomfortable feeling for being a newcomer to the forums.

With this said, you’ve been forgiven, now go have some fun and yoyo (share your tricks here too!) :slight_smile:

Your fine man. Welcome! Enjoy! Share!


I don’t know what happened, but, like other’s have said, we all have off days. I want to add, we need more of the 'old enough to no longer get asked for ID" crowd in the forums, so, welcome (from someone who is definitely old enough to not have his ID checked).


been a minute since ive been asked for mine. haha ;D

I got ID’d for the first time in a longtime last week for a Mike’s Hard Lemonade…I recently cut my hair, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had hair down to my butt,beard like ZZ Top.Cut it all last year,still get sweated.
Po-po doesnt like me!
I’m older than the cops now!They ask too many questions.

Shoot,if I still had the beard,I’d get tangled! :smiley:

They got my dawg homeless and on an open containers like 40 times bro and he’s still out doing the same thing. Lol.