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This is regarded as one of many most well-known toys and games on earth! Yo-yo’s have got lasted the particular analyze of energy and so are definitely going being about for years and years in the foreseeable future.

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The yoyo is definitely one of those classic toys. While they’ve got high tech with aerodynamic designs, specialty bearings, lubes, man-made fiber strings and what not, it still really hasn’t change the core of what it is: Two spinning discs attached with an axle and a string around it.

This toy has been around maybe over 2500 years? Maybe even longer. It’s going to outlive us. While the hot christmas toys change each year, the best toys tend to stay the same. The “hot toys” don’t seem to last or stick around or even have a classic quality to them.

Simple. It works. It’s proven. You can’t argue that!. The only issue with the yoyo is it comes and goes in cycles. It surges, then it declines, but it never goes away. Also, so many people have had experiences or exposure to the yoyo that it’s almost universally known.

What other toys have staying power?
Building toys(blocks such as Lego and K’Nex(love the K’nex roller coasters), lincoln logs, tinker toys and the like)
Puzzle toys, such as Rubik’s Cube
Board games
Playing Cards

All of these tend to be simple to use, easy to play and can take a long time to master.

I recently saw Monopoly upgrade to an electronic version. That sucks. No more haggling, no more stealing money when someone has to get a snack or go to the bathroom.

I have nothing against electronic battleship. Battleship itself was cool, but the electronic version was just making it less interactive until you hit something. The older version you could “sail your ships” around and track where your opponent was “aiming” IF you tracked both your shots and their shots. Yes, I had friends who did this, those cheaters! But, even so, Electronic Battleship was cool.

The classics are classic for a reason. They’re simple, they work, they last and they are fun.

Long live QUALITY toys!

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If people actually knew what yo-yos could do then it would be a sport similar to how skateboarding is. No matter where you go you’re going to see a skater somewhere. Kids start skating because they already know what a skateboard can do, so they try it themselves, but if kids knew what yo-yos could do (besides go up and down) then the sport would be extremely popular.


the yoyo was invented by ancient Greeks in 500 B.C. ;D


I think that yoyoing is one of those sports that don’t take too many resources. To yoyo all you need is a yoyo, and space. Sports like basketball take another person, a net, basketball, and space. Running takes space and the proper clothes.

Yoyoing also takes less physical requirement. You don’t sweat at all (Unless you’re doing something crazy) and you only need to practice landing the string in different ways. That’s all there is to it.

What I’m trying to say is that I think that yoyoing is a very flexible hobby and it doesn’t get enough recognition.


Yea, it really doesn’t. Maybe it’s a sport for “chosen ones” ::slight_smile: