I must say….

… I might be too “old time” in my thinking here, but I must say…. That I think yoyo play is actually losing some of its allure. Unresponsive yoyo bearings allowing a yoyo player to perform long complicated strings tricks without the threat of the yoyo running out of spin or the yoyo returning to the players hand takes the allure out of it. When I see a yoyo artist performing tricks that don’t rely on technology, I am truly amazed!

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That’s a pretty good point. Plastics for the win!

At first, I thought that way too, but you see, many things are also changing but they do not lose their allure, like from wooden badminton rackets to light carbon fibre ones, from old wooden skis to new smoother metal skis, everything is changing. You see, by improving the item, we are not only removing the old obstacles, we are opening the doors to new challenges and possibilities as well, like gyroscopic flops, etc. As the yoyo improves, so does the standard of the yoyoers, so being a good yoyoer is still quite difficult. So it is not only the yoyo that changes, but the whole idea about yoyoing also changes.


The thing I love about yoyoing is that all you need is a little lube to go back to old school!

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This is one of the reasons Ed Haponik is so much win. He can do som much on any yoyo.

I do think one should just respect the evolution of things though. Things will always evolve with newer generations, and you can’t really do much to stop it. This happens everywhere. Swimmers use neoprene suits, cyclists are doing everything possible to gain aerodynamics, tennis rackets are lighter than feathers, the wooden sole of skis has been exchanged with glass fibre and yoyoers play unresponsive. That’s just how things are.

Stay with responsive play though. It’s a joy to watch.

Addment: sxephil had something on something similar to this.

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thanks jonas; you’re too kind.

the beauty is that no one is forcing you (or anybody) to conform. i play yo-yo like i’m trapped in 1998, and no one gives me a hard time over it. yo-yoing has developed toward longer, more complicated combos because a lot of players find that appealing. just 12 years ago, a 30 second sleeper was a skill serious yo-yoers could be proud of. as the technology improved (and then exploded during the boom), people naturally associated more technical yo-yoing with success… and therefore the ‘best’ yo-yo’s were the ones that enabled that style of play.

i love the yo-yo’s of today; i don’t think it’s ‘lost its allure’ at all. some people just aren’t up for getting banged on the hands on every other throw, and that’s ok. playing responsive and wood is worthwhile to me, but i’m over pronouncing judgment on those that aren’t so inclined. and despite what still pervades the contest stage and youtube, there’s a HUGE undercurrent right now that’s returning to simpler, trick-based yo-yoing. i think it’s really refreshing that so many yo-yoers are really questioning the way they play. and incidentally, many of the most talented progressive yo-yoers i know absolutely KILL IT on an old-school woodie (see the all-wood fixed-axle breakout from worlds.

skill is skill; there’s really no faking it. and since your yo-yoing primarily benefits YOU, there’s no need to try.

None of this maters to me anymore. I give Up

Thats the spirit! cop out.

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Well that’s not really nice.

There’s many different things to do in Yoyoing. Maybe 1a isn’t your thing. Looping might be your thing. Maybe a variant in yoyoing styles is your thing like a combination of 1a and 2a. I’m not talking about 3a I mean to add looping into a 1a play style. It does get rough. I’m a beginner here as well. Only been able to yoyo for about a month now and it’s been going well for me. I devote most of my time to yoyoing atm. It is still very nifty to me which is why I’m still doing it. I have done some many things so far in my short life and all because of some of the “old” timey things. My biggest success in my opinion would be Rubik’s cubes. I’m fairly certain you remember those. I picked on up and throughout the years they have been made they haven’t really changed. If old style tricks interest you more, than do those tricks. There’s no need to show off to anyone else but yourself. With that being said yoyoing isn’t any fun if your hating it, so I’d recommend taking time away from it OR trying to do tricks just for the fun and don’t worry about “advancement”. You can even watch some of the Older fixed axle yoyoing.

… I might be too “old time” in my thinking here, but I must say…. That I think travel is actually losing some of its allure. All these “cars” allowing a person to get from point A to point B without the threat of dying of starvation or not taking a fortnight to reach the next village takes the allure out of it. When I see folks using forms of travel that don’t rely on the wheel, I am truly amazed!

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That might have been my favorite post ever.

Thanks DocRobot, I didn’t know which side I was on but that got me!

What he is saying is that no one is agreeing with him so he gives up. He’s in his 40’s so I think he know’s what he is doing and saying.

Also he thinks that someone like Yuuki is plain because he uses bearings as to where someone like Ed is the best player out there because he uses mostly wood and fixed axle yo’s. Ed is awesome yes BUT he’s not the best and he will tell you that.

Woodenyoer, Just because you think yoyoing has lost its allure doesn’t mean that it has. Your opinion in yours. Don’t get all bummed when we don’t agree. There are plenty of people that love the same style of play that you do. I am one of them. Every sport progresses. Its like saying that tennis is no longer good because the size of the racket got bigger and changed from wood to graphite or aluminum. Or baseball isn’t good anymore because they started making aluminum bats.
Progression is the nature of humanity. If you are not comfortable with it then you should throw away your computer and get an abacus. Sorry for the bluntness. Its just that I get so sick of people that are older trying to down this new wave of yoyoing. If you don’t like it then stick with your old school stuff and be happy. Nothing wrong with that.

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I’m gonna be like the OP right now…

Travel doesn’t matter to me anymore. I give up.

It must be fun to just stay oneside on situations. Yes I as well believe advancements in things are the meaning to great success in things, but if you did a little bit of a search you’d find out that Woodenyoer was having difficulties with a trick and decided to give in because of fail attempts to try and understand the tricks.
If I didn’t know this I too would’ve problem just joined in and told him to stop and try to make humor out of someone elses misfortune; well I guess I would’ve if this wasn’t a forum to help people out in their time of yoyoing need. I guess I missed the idea of this forum. I wasn’t aware that it was about popularity and grouping. I thought this was more than highschool but I suppose there will always be those people.
You can hate me all you want but I know now that if I’m having troubles on something or if i need help; I know who not to look forward to.

Have fun with your day.

This is an interesting attitude to have, considering that it seemed (to me, at least) that the OP’s “give up” post seemed to come out of nowhere.

I can’t see where anyone was rash or short with him. Actually, I can’t even see where anyone was disagreeing with him at all.

He made a post about the old school. Several folks jumped in to discuss their mutual love of said old school. Maybe they didn’t necessarily agree with his “lost it’s allure” opinion, but they certainly saw where he was coming from and had a mutual love. There was nothing even remotely resembling disrespect in any of it.

Out of freakin’ nowhere, he makes a weird “I give up” post. As if everyone had suddenly attacked him and/or his idea, instead of talking about the old school, wooden throws, good times, etc. Wasn’t the underlying current of his original post meant to harken back to the days of “non-technical” yoing?

You can’t expect people to read something that someone posts here, and then immediately go back through their entire posting history looking for an ulterior motive. You might want to ease up a little on folks around here. I, for one, didn’t realize he was having progression trouble. As it stands, he certainly didn’t mention it in his original post, so who would we be to come to that conclusion?

Or are you suggesting that it was his progression issues that spurred him to make the “I give up” post and not something said to him in this specific thread? If this is the case, his post was a non sequitur, and that’s the fault of no one posting here.

With all that said, is there anything we can do to help you out, Woodenyoer? Wouldn’t want someone to give up on such a great hobby just because they’ve hit an easily passable wall.

sorry but this is the 1st doc robot post i’ve seen(I’m so proud of myself) no JK

well… he was last active just after posting. hope i didn’t make him quit yo-yoing, but rereading my post… can’t really apologize.

when the painter nc wyeth was asked whether he was afraid that his harsh, classical method of training his son andrew would kill his ‘artistic spirit’, nc replied “well if it kills it, it wasn’t worth much to start with.”

no one in this thread was cruel or argumentative (certainly not prior to the post in question). yo-yoing’s got an open door policy. give up, come back if you like. as somebody who has mostly thrown wood yo-yo’s, i know how frustrating it is. but i’m not going to chase after people saying “please don’t go”.

it’s supposed to be hard.

you gotta admit, though, that fixed axle f.u. has to be inspirational. I remember at the tennessee state comp when I saw Ed and I thought, “man, I want to make my GENESIS responsive”

Tradition is tradition, but if you neglect to jump into and stick with all the new modifications, you’ll be left behind. Don’t limit your skill because of technology. Technology brings us new creativity.