I just tried Superwide.


I just tried a friend’s Superwide. It was my first time I tried doing Eli Hops, which everone is having a hardtime doing it. And what can I say, GOD LIKE! I didn’t miss ANY hops, what so ever! Thinking of buying it but saving for a Sasquatch :frowning:

(Halbach) #2

Sasquatch FTW :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing against YYF, I love my YYF yoyos.


Is Ur Friend From Egypt To If So Tell Him To Sign Up Here So e Can Communicate :wink:


He is in Egypt, but hes a YYN nerd.


Is He Waleed Or What Cuz I Know Another yoyoer On YYN :wink:


Nope, his name is Ahmed Shaker, he introduced me to yoyoing :smiley:


Oh Ok :wink: