I just got Married!

(Sensei Dave) #1

I just want the whole world to know I just married the girl I’ve loved since I was in 5th grade (19 years ago ) and I did it on my BIRTHDAY!! Its amazingly awesome and I just had to share! I have been grinning like an idiot all day. Lol!

Oh, and my ring exactly matches a YYJ Hitman Pro. Extra coolness I think. Now I just have to get one of those to match my ring!

Best Birthday EVER!


(Cinimod105) #2



congrats dave! May fortune smile upon your future!


wow! congratulations dave! hope you have a great marriage !!!111111111


Go Dave. Hope you live a long happy life!

(Raphael) #6

livin’ the dream :slight_smile:
AND 19 years! omagawd


Aww thats so nice!


Congratulations! ;D


Reading thus makes me very happy for you… Congratulations, you are very inspiring!




Congratulations!! That’s a big thing in life! :smiley:

(Q) #12

I always knew you kids would work out.

(Sensei Dave) #13

Its fate… I must buy a hitman!


oh my god that is way to cool!!! ;D ;D ;D


most legit thing ever!
Congrats on everything!!!

(M²) #16

Congrats, on posting the first ever “I got married” thread. Oh, congrats on getting married too. Btw, that ring is beastly.


Congrats!!! And that ring is AWESOME!!!


congrats. where can i get a ring like that :smiley:


i hope you have a GREAT marrige and god bless your son :slight_smile:

(Sensei Dave) #20